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New York jury awards $1.13 million to family in nursing home death case

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A family in New York received a favorable verdict after a jury trial in which they alleged that their loved one had died as a result of neglect while he was a patient at Central Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

While any case involving the mistreatment of a vulnerable or helpless nursing home resident is troubling, this case is especially concerning because the man who died had only been in the facility for two weeks at the time of the injury that led to his death, and he was there for rehab, not long-term care.

Allegations in the Suit

According to plaintiffs, their loved one had recently had a heart attack and was sent to the nursing facility for rehabilitation. He was supposed to stay in the facility for about 21 days and then go home to be cared for by family members. Instead, he died from complications of an injury that happened after just 15 days in the facility.

His family says they noticed problems as soon as the man arrived at the nursing home, beginning with the staff’s decision to put him in diapers when he had been helped to the bathroom by family at home. They claimed that, when they complained that his diapers were soiled, it sometimes took 90 minutes for a response from the nursing home staff.

The family also believed that the staff had failed to properly clean a tube in the man’s throat and that he was not being fed regularly. He fell out of his wheelchair twice, but the nursing home did not take him to the hospital until the day after his second fall. At the hospital, he was put in a medically induced coma and given 14 pints of blood to combat internal bleeding, but he was unable to recover and died some time later.

The Jury’s Verdict

The case was tried before a jury in Syracuse, New York, and resulted in a verdict in the family’s favor. The jury found that the nursing home was liable for the man’s wrongful death, the deprivation of his human dignity, his medical expenses, and his pain and suffering. Accordingly, the family was awarded a verdict of $1.13 million. It is unknown whether the nursing home will appeal the verdict.

Although this case was decided under New York law, it is, unfortunately, fairly representative of allegations that are common in nursing home litigation in Kentucky and across the nation. For a variety of reasons, it is not unusual for patients’ basic needs to be ignored, and for injury or death to result. When this happens, it is up to the patient’s family to seek justice in a court of law.

For Assistance with a Kentucky Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

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