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Nursing home faces lawsuit for murder of resident

By Bob Young, attorney

Our firm is representing the estate and family of a Scottsville, Kentucky, nursing home resident who died at the facility at the hands of another resident – a death that we believe was entirely preventable.

We filed suit in the case this week in Allen County Circuit Court on behalf of the estate and the family.

The facts of the case are as follows.

Timeline of events in nursing home case

Gnursing homeary Glueck was a 71-year-old resident of Scottsville Manor, an assisted living facility in Allen County. He had lived at the facility for about eight months when he was assigned a new roommate. The roommate, who legally changed his name to The Reverend, was much younger at 36 years old and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychosis, which are psychiatric disorders. The Reverend had been a patient at a facility for the mentally ill prior to moving to Scottsville Manor.

Once admitted, he was aggressive towards other patients in the facility. About two months before his murder, The Reverend attacked Glueck because he believed Glueck was standing too close to his sound equipment.

Glueck asked that Scottsville Manor either move him or assign him a new roommate, but he was told no.

The Reverend proclaimed on social media that he was a “fan” of Charles Manson, that he was a Satanist and other disturbing information that indicated he was a dangerous person.

In February, The Reverend killed Glueck by stabbing him with a pen and a coat hanger and strangling him with an electrical cord. Glueck even cried out for help – but no one came to his aid. After killing Glueck, The Reverend walked to a nurse’s station and asked for a drink of water, and told the staff he had just killed Glueck.

Criminal case proceeding, too

The Reverend has been charged with murder in Glueck’s death. He has entered a plea of not guilty. It is worth noting that the criminal charges in this case are entirely separate from our case.

The lawsuit we’ve filed intends to both recover damages for the family of Glueck, who has suffered a terribly, untimely loss – but we also intend to send a strong message to Scottsville Manor that patients such as The Reverend do not belong in their facility. Our hope is that Scottsville Manor will better screen patients and consider the health and safety of all when accepting new patients.