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By J.A. Sowell
Attorney, English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP


J.A. Sowell

Meeting with an attorney can be an intimidating experience. We understand and we want to help prepare you for your potential meeting with an attorney following an accident, whether it is me or someone else. Keep in mind that lawyers meet with people every day who are suffering from injuries following a car wreck or truck accident, and we are accustomed to helping clients in every way that we can and making any necessary accommodations for our clients.

You may feel better about the process if you bring someone with you who is calm and can help you stay calm, too. You are welcome to bring that friend or family member with you if that is helpful to you, so long as you understand that we may be discussing personal business with you.

The initial consultation with our attorneys in accident cases is free.

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By Kurt Maier, Attorney and Partner
English, Lucas, Priest and Owsley, LLP

car wreck in KentuckyAs we approach Thanksgiving, travel is on the minds of many Americans.

AAA typically releases a travel forecast for Thanksgiving, but hasn’t done so yet this year. In 2016, AAA predicted that 48.7 million people would travel for Thanksgiving, with driving being by far the most popular option for getting to that destination. This was an increase from previous years, thanks to lower gas prices and improved economic conditions.

Much of that travel is by car, with many heading out on Wednesday, November 22, this year to visit family for Thanksgiving. In the south, it seems like there is road construction year-round, and that creates a lot of stop-and-go traffic. Top that off with uncertain chilly weather that can even turn icy and you’ll find a near-perfect set up for car wrecks.

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eclipse drivingOn Monday, we will have an unusual opportunity here in Bowling Green and all of South Central Kentucky: we will be a prime viewing area for the solar eclipse.

This is incredibly exciting, so much so that schools are closed, local hotels are full and many special events are planned. Traffic is expected to be extremely heavy in our area as people make their way to prime viewing spots. Southern Bowling Green is expected to be one of the places that will experience totality – a total eclipse – along with Hopkinsville, which is touting itself as the point of the greatest eclipse and “eclipseville.”

Nashville, too, will have great views, so you can expect plenty of traffic between Bowling Green and Music City as well.



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