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Legal News GavelStryker is the maker of the Rejuvenate modular hip system. Many people who have had the Stryker modular hip system implanted have had it removed and replaced, and many of those have sued Stryker to seek compensation for injuries caused by the faulty hip system.

These cases have been making their way through courts and have been combined into several large cases. Cases are pending in state courts in New Jersey, Florida and several other states, and in federal court in Minnesota. To pay┬áthose injured by the hip system, Stryker established a compensation fund of $1.45 billion. That amount could grow as cases continue to mount against Stryker. More than 8,000 people have sued Stryker seeking compensation for injuries – but time is running out.

Those who are interested in obtaining a settlement from this fund have limited time to seek compensation, and need to consult with an attorney right away. The settlement date is November 3, 2014, so patients need to show that revision surgery occurred prior to that date to participate in the compensation fund.

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